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Nicaragua - post III of III

February 25 Today can be summed up in one word: AutoCAD (which is a computer-aided drafting program). I started just after breakfast around 7:30am, and quit at just after 11pm with just a few breaks for meals. And actually, I enjoyed it! Playing the role our interns normally play has been fun – though my eyes are a bit glossy. Heading into our final day tomorrow, we’re about 95% finished with the bridge design and drawings. February 26 Today, the Young Life staff took us up to a place they call ‘The Labyrinth’. It’s exactly that – a labyrinth made of hedges. For those who aren’t aware (which includes me), the difference between a maze and a labyrinth is that in a labyrinth, you typically follow a long, meandering path from start to finish, without the traps and deadends that mazes have. From above, the labyrinth forms a circle, with the inner rows winding around and back and forth to form a cross. At the end, you come to a deadend, with a choice of turning left to exit, or right to hea…