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Kenya Trip - Post 3: The Ministry (June 4-5)

The ministry we’re working with is an Orphanage called ‘Into Abbas Arms’. The founder, Jane Gravis, came on a medical missions trip in 1997 as a dental hygienist, but ended up serving as the dentist due to the needs encountered. She was struck by the number of children without families/homes, so she came back and started an orphanage in 1999, intending to get things started before leaving it to others to continue forward. Sixteen years later and still serving as the ministry director, she lives in Texas full-time, traveling back to Kenya several each year.
Currently, they have 43 children (the 43rd, a 5 year old girl, arrived while we were on site). The stories of how the children come to the orphanage are as varied as the kids themselves, but many were dramatic, ranging from being left for dead on the street at birth, to the newest little girl’s story of having a mentally ill mother who would lock her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason. Consequently, her 21 year old …