February update

Pictures from February 2016...

For awhile there, it seemed like we did little else other than
shovel snow!
It was the biggest storm in 20 years in Colorado Springs - we
got 24" at our house over a 2-day span.

Thanks to fuel points, this was the lowest price
I've paid for gas/petrol since high school. A far
cry from the near $9/gallon we paid in the UK!

With fellow EMI family the Kanes, watching the Super Bowl.
They're from the East Coast and we're from the West Coast - so
not much passion for the Broncos. Still, we passively applauded
the victory. :)

There's a 2nd teenager in the house now - Jonah Jones has joined
the ranks.

Graysen had an idea for a fundraiser at his school
to purchase new sports balls. So, with a little help
from a teacher and a couple other students, they
raised nearly $500 for buying sports equipment
by selling Power Aid drinks for the annual 'Links
Laps' event where students have a set time to run
the inner 'circle' hallway and see how many laps they
can get.

Graysen running the Links Laps...he actually beat
school record. Haha! I think that was due
 less to any world class running abilities than it
was to an unbalanced level of competitiveness!
He almost passed out afterwards and was sick for
most of the rest of the day. I think for his efforts,
he won a coupon or something. :)

High School is happening next year, unless we
can figure out a way to stop it!

One of EMI's board members has a rustic little cabin up in the
mountains that he allows EMI staff to use free of charge. It is
beautiful up there!

Packing our stuff into the cabin for the weekend.

No wifi or TV (ignore that gray box in the background - it's only
for videos) so lots of games and downtown. You realize how
married we are to our technology these days.

Every family should have a Jonah. It's like having ready access
to Bear Grylls anytime you need something done. He was in
charge of keeping the fire going all weekend and did a great job...
after the initial 'smoke-out' the first time when he got the damper
switch mixed up. :)

On a whim, Graysen and I went to a Rampart HS basketball
game one night when we were out having father-son time. It
was the first HS bball game we've ever attended while living
in Colorado Springs - which is significant because I grew up
going to HS bball games all the time. It was fun - and we got to
scout out the HS Brodie will attend next year. They have a 6'11"
sophomore on the team - that's just 2 grades ahead of Brodie and
2 feet taller!


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