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Honduras Trip - Post I

Well, this trip had a false start – due to thunderstorms in Houston our flight was cancelled. Unfortunately, the rest of the team was able to make it, meaning that a group of 6 volunteers arrived in Honduras (after overnighting in Houston) a day before Alisha, me and Justin (another EMI staff engineer joining the trip). I felt bad for the team, but since half of them were returning EMI volunteers, I wasn’t too concerned about them having to navigate things.
When we finally made it to the town where our project is – Siguatepeque, a town of around 100,000 people – it was nearly dark on the following evening. We ate dinner and listened to the other team members talk about their day, with inside jokes and stories aleady having formed. It was kind of bizarre, but I was glad they had already bonded and had a successful day. The surveyor, Sean, already had the majority of the survey shot, having taken 370 shots that day! I guess it was a good thing their flights made it through afterall.