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Honduras Trip - Post 2

I underestimated the impact on our project design efforts that the political elements of this project would have. A key reason Andy (the ministry leader) was able to get the land and his NGO status here in the country was because of the relationship he’s formed with the Mayor of Siguatepeque (a town of about 100,000 – up to 200,000 counting outlying areas).
The city actually owned the land we’re working with, until what seems like a divinely inspired incident occurred involving the mayor’s infant son helped build a relationship between him and Andy. After that, the mayor found out about Andy’s vision for bringing medical care to the community of San Francisco (a neighborhood of around 4000 within the town of Siguatepeque) and he decided to essentially gift Andy’s ministry the land (they paid a nominal, ‘symbolic’ fee). A few years ago, the mayor’s infant son was very ill. Andy happened to have a doctor visiting his ministry, and both of them were at a meeting where the mayor was. Aft…