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The Status of Missions

Every now and then, I like to update on our overall perspective of the work we do with EMI. This is one of those posts, and therefore be warned that it breaks from my preferred rule of being 'picture-heavy' and 'text-light'. Actually, there are no grab a cup of coffee sometime and sit down for a good read, if you're interested ('good' meaning a lot of content, not necessarily 'quality' content!).

Here goes...

What is the goal of today's missions? In decades past, the mindset of the church was pretty much that the needs were so great in some places in the world that anyone who was willing and able should go there to help. Build a house for someone. Hold an orphan. Dig a well. Anything, really, would help in these places because the people were so desperate that any help (well-intentioned help, at least) would no doubt do some good. They need and we have, so we should ‘go’ and give.

But there was also of course a strong spiritual el…