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March 2018

The first quarter of 2018 has been one of the busiest times of our 10 years at EMI. While my work lately has been centered around establishing EMI as a Global organization, here are some project highlights: EMI led 14 projects in January and February, with project teams going out to Guatemala, Uganda, Liberia, Gabon, Vietnam, Kenya, Angola, Dom. Republic, India, and Haiti.Here in Colorado, EMI's US Office sent teams to help design a Kenyan hospital, a conference center in Ghana, two hospitals in Angola, another hospital in Gabon, an electrical design project at a ministry center in Tanzania, and an irrigation system rehabilitation in the Dom. Republic.We’re also mobilizing a new staff member to Myanmar, where he’ll oversee the construction of a new runway project for Mission Aviation Fellowship. This runway will eventually turn a 3-4 day drive to access a remote village into a 1 hour flight!We’ve received our first request from post-war Iraq and Syria for a rehabilitation project …